Enterprise E-Commerce Platform Reviews

An In-Depth look at the #2 Rated Online Marketplace

The most essential part of selecting an ecommerce experience is understanding what each platform provides, and what a business needs from the platform. As with any business, many Enterprise eCommerce Solutions will exaggerate on the services they offer, leading a potential merchant to believe that certain specializations are necessary for their business. However, this is often not the case. Certain businesses require different features from their online marketplaces, depending on scale, products, and sales volume.

For the merchant looking to explore the specifications they require, as well as for most small to medium scale businesses, BigCommerce offers a mentionable option in online marketplaces. With an interface that promotes ease of use more than any other, standard pricing, and high quality themes and templates, their ecommerce solution is solid and reliable. However, for the merchant at the enterprise level, it may not be the best option.

While it only has one competitor in this area –  Shopify, BigCommerce loses out to them in terms of pricing. They offer similar services, but BigCommerce charges based on the rates of specific companies. For companies that experience close to 3000 a year in sales volume, they can charge 900-1500 monthly. While they provide services that can assist you in maximizing revenue, this price point is huge compared to Shopify Plus, whose monthly rates for enterprise businesses usually don’t exceed 600-700.

Both solutions are still considered the standard in Enterprise Ecommerce platforms though, as Big Commerce still returns on its investment. To understand why this is the case, one has to understand the components that are necessary in an optimal Enterprise eCommerce Solution

It’s imperative for an Enterprise Ecommerce Solution to:

  1. Scale with the business – If the platform isn’t prepared to handle sales volume at any point, it could lead to software problems, and loss of potential transactions. Moreover, starting with a provider that can scale well with the business ensures there’s no need for a transition in the future.
  2. Supply you with the right number of channels – Omni channel interface can be essential for large scale companies and enterprises. As such, many platforms provide it. However, not all do, as it is something that can only be utilized by certain companies. It’s essential that you identify what number of channels your business needs to maximize the amount of ways it can reach customers
  3. Offer you safe and secure hosting – The less hackers or other unidentified parties that can access your system, the better. Online criminals can be exponentially more dangerous than real ones and merchants risk a lot by operating without the right parameters in place.
  4. Be Flexible – While ease of access is a huge selling point for beginners, Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions should still reward those who understand how to directly interact with their interface. Apps, as well as other software add-ons are included with the best packages to allow a merchant to better brand their ecommerce experience. Plus, most offer expansive options for templates and themes, allowing a merchant to customize their experience
  5. Come at the most reasonable price – I didn’t say cheapest because this isn’t a cheap service. While some start at lower prices than others, as with anything, you pay for what you get. While there are some providers that do absolutely nothing unique for exuberant prices, many of the top Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions charge a fair amount for services that may allow your business to grow exponentially. However, some can charge prices that seem too high, but provide services that can’t be found anywhere else
  6. Have a Decorated Track Record – This holds especially true for the ones with the highest price points. As the internet has grown, many high profile corporations have had the opportunity to grow their business through a variety of platforms. An optimal Enterprise Ecommerce Solution will have worked with enough clients to show their success through their example.
  7. Optimize Searches – Many of the best Enterprise eCommerce Solutions “boost” the quality and status of your online marketplace to increase their chances of appearing on search engines. Utilizing google analytics, adobe, or other services, many eCommerce Solutions create more opportunities for marketing through email and social media

As one of the industry standards, Big Commerce provides some of the best options for these services. But at their exuberant price, a merchant would definitely want to consider other options. In terms of Search Engine Optimization, Security and Flexibility, Big Commerce beats out the competition by far. In fact, the only competitor that matches them in any other area is Shopify Plus, with a cheaper price for the same level of Scalability, comparable opportunities in customization and the Omni Channel Interface. No one else can claim the same level of efficiency and in terms of provided services, Big Commerce offers more for more.

Not only are their hosting servers compliant with the highest level of cyber security, but all Big Commerce packages come with 24/7 live support through live chat, phone, or email. This ensures that even if you have a problem with your marketplace, which is unlikely, someone will be able to assist you relatively quickly. The forum is also available to counter any common problems you may experience. Their SEO systems utilize google analytics to analyze demographical data and increase opportunities for marketing.

Domains hosted by Big Commerce usually load much faster than their competitors, enhancing the experience of the consumer and making its search engine appearances more frequent. The interface also allows you to integrate with Google Shopping and increase traffic through stray searches of products.

Essentially, this is one of the main reasons for the pricing, as this tool is invaluable to an enterprise. It allows for traffic to increase steadily and ensures a high volume of sales. In addition to this, they offer a wide variety of free and responsive themes, designed and proven to expand your brand. All of these make Big Commerce a viable primary option for Enterprise Ecommerce Solutions.